Test Types Auto Detected and Analysed in ForceDecks

ForceDecks software can auto-detect and auto-analyse the following test types, as listed below.

Click on a test to learn more. 

Test  Abbreviation Auto-Detected Auto-Analysed
Countermovement Jump CMJ Yes Yes
Loaded Countermovement Jump LCMJ Yes * Yes
Abalakov Jump ABCMJ  - Yes
Single Leg Jump (Countermovement) SLJ Yes Yes
Squat Jump SJ Yes Yes
Loaded Squat Jump LSJ Yes * Yes
Drop Jump DJ Yes Yes
Single Leg Drop Jump SLDJ Yes Yes
Land and Hold LAH Yes Yes
Single Leg Land-and-Hold SLLAH Yes Yes
Hop Test HJ Yes Yes
Single Leg Hop and Return SLHAR Yes Yes
Squat Assessment  SQT  - Yes
Isometric Shoulder I/Y/T Test SHLDISOI/Y/T  - Yes *
Isometric Test ISOT Yes Yes
Single Limb Isometric Test SLISOT Yes Yes
General Force-Time Analysis GFTA  - Need to select Trial ranges
Push Up Test
Isometric Mid Thigh Pull   IMTP - Yes
Isometric Squat Hold 
ISQ - Yes
Single Leg Hop Test SLHJ Yes Yes

NOTE: Tests types are best auto-detected with weigh start. Tests with a * next to them will only be auto-detected or auto-analysed with weigh start.