ForceDecks Test: Isometric Test Overview


A range of Isometric (ISO) tests can be performed, and reps automatically detected on ForceDecks, however it is important to note that they will all be generically detected as an "Isometric Test."  
Some common ISO tests include:
  • Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP);
  • Athletic Shoulder (ASH) test; and 
  • Various posterior chain tests. 
This category of tests is paramount in determining the maximum force output possible across numerous areas of the body. 
The goal of the ISO test is to determine the maximum force output possible, although protocols will vary.
Important note: for some ISO tests only a portion of the athlete's body is on the plates rather than their entire bodyweight. For example:
  • A supine 90/90 hamstring test (just the lower leg); or
  • The ASH test (just the palm). 

For this reason, during the "weigh athlete" stage of test setup, the athlete should be weighed while they are relaxed and in the exact testing position they will use. This ensures the reference weight is correct, allowing accurate detection of when limb begins isometric contractions.

Data trace and body movement

An example Bilateral ISOT (in this case IMTP test) is shown below.