ForceDecks Tests: Isometric Test Protocol

A range of isometric tests can be performed and reps automatically detected on ForceDecks, however it's important to note that (due to the nature of isometric force profiles) they will all be generically detected as an "Isometric Test".  Some common Isometric Tests include Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP) tests,  Athletic Shoulder (ASH) tests and posterior chain bridge tests, among many others.

Important note: for some isometric tests ( example: posterior chain bridge tests), only one limb or only a portion of the Athlete's body is on the platforms (rather than their entire bodyweight).  For this reason, during the "weigh athlete" stage of test setup, only the relevant part of the athlete ( example: for a posterior chain bridge test, only the legs in resting position) should be weighed.

This ensures the reference weight is correct, allowing the accurate detection of when the resting limb begins its isometric contraction.

Test description and protocols

Starting Position Starting position varies significantly depending on what type of test is being performed.  E.g.:
  • Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull (IMTP): start in standing with knees slightly bent, gripping IMTP bar with slight pre-tension;
  • Athletic Shoulder (ASH) Test: start lying face down on ground, with hand placed on centre of platforms.
  1. Zero platforms
  2. Ask Athlete to step onto plates (if performing an IMTP test or similar), or ask athlete to place hands/feet onto plates (if performing an ASH test or posterior chain bridge test or similar)
  3. Weigh Athlete (or weight limbs only, as applicable).
  4. Click Start Recording
  5. Ask Athlete to assume starting position and hold steady for 2-3 seconds with very slight pre-tension
  6. Instruct the athlete to contract as hard and as fast as possible
  7. Relax after each isometric contraction
  8. Assume starting position again and hold for 2-3 seconds with very slight pre-tension before next contraction.  Repeat for desired number of contractions.
  9. Click Finish Recording
  10. Review that reps and test type have been detected correctly as "Isometric Test"
  11. Click Analyse and Save (to move directly to next athlete) or click Analyse (to review results)
Reps 1 - 100 reps
Default Instant Results Performance Results
  • Net Peak Force [N]
  • Force @ 100ms [N]
  • Force @ 150ms [N]
  • Force @ 200ms [N]

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