Testing with HumanTrak

The following information will help you to run HumanTrak tests. 

Test types

The HumanTrak software analyses a list of different test types.

Test protocols

To assist with the collection of high quality and reliable data we have produced a series of test protocols.

Preparing your HumanTrak kit

Avoid using HumanTrak in direct sunlight, and ensure your kit and sensors are setup correctly prior to testing.

Please ensure your HumanTrak laptop is connected to power before testing with HumanTrak

Setting up your HumanTrak Kit - Azure Kinect

Setting up your HumanTrak Kit - Kinect v2

Running a test in HumanTrak

HumanTrak tests are housed within test categories. 
These categories are only available within a testing session, however Custom Categories can be created prior to testing, to speed up and standardise your test processes. 

Run a HumanTrak Test