Setting up your HumanTrak System - Azure Camera

When you receive your HumanTrak Movement Analysis System, it will be disassembled and packed into a hard carry case, ready for transport. 

This article will run you through what's included, and how to set it up, ready for testing.

What's in the case?

  • Custom HumanTrak Laptop
  • Laptop Charger + Power Cell
  • Camera Tripod
  • Azure Kinect 3D Camera
  • Wireless Keyboard with Track Pad
  • Separate Camera Power + Camera Data Cables or
  • Single USB-C Power and Data Cable

Setting up the Azure Kinect Camera

Fully extend the tripod neck up, and two of the three leg extensions down.

Mount the Azure Kinect by screwing the tripod base to the base of the camera (hole closest to the rear of the camera).

Putting it all together

Connect the laptop's charger to a mains power outlet and then connect the charger to your HumanTrak laptop.

Plug the camera power cable into the power jack on the back of the Azure Kinect, then plug the USB end of the cable into a USB 3.0 port (blue port) on your HumanTrak laptop.

You may have received a single, combined camera data/power cable (USB-C) with your HumanTrak kit. If this is the case, both steps 2 and 3 are completed together.

Connect the camera data cable to the Azure Kinect, and then into a USB 3.0 port (blue port) on your HumanTrak laptop.

 For best results, connect the cable directly to the device and to the PC. Avoid using extensions or extra adapters in the connection.

Verify that the power indicator LED (next to the USB cable) is solid white. Device power-on takes a few seconds. The device is ready to use when the front-facing LED streaming indicator turns off.

Plug the wireless keyboard USB dongle into a remaining USB port (black or blue). It should automatically pair with the keyboard. The keyboard's USB dongle can be found on the reverse-side of the battery cover.