Run a HumanTrak Test

To run a test in HumanTrak:

  1. Login to the HumanTrak laptop
  2. Click Profiles
  3. Click on a profile name or create a profile
  4. Click START Session
  5. Select a Category to expand and view test options
  6. Select a Test
  7. Confirm Test Settings (if applicable)
  8. Ensure the individual is in the middle of the position circle and in the correct starting position
    (refer HumanTrak Test Protocols)
  9. Important: Ensure your client faces the camera while completing all tests, and hands are on their hips during lower limb tests.
  10. Click Capture
  11. Have the individual perform the required test movements 
  12. To include any notes in the report, click Add Comments (comments cannot be edited)
  13. Click Stop
  14. Repeat steps 5 – 11 to complete further tests
  15. Click Finish Session to view results