Configure and Run Simultaneous Tests in ForceDecks Jump

With ForceDecks Jump you can run tests on multiple sets of dual plates at the same time
(Up to a maximum 4 sets).

To configure multiple sets of dual plates in ForceDecks Jump:
  • Plug the USB from each set of dual plates into your laptop. (If required, use a USB hub to combine all USB inputs to fit into your laptop.)
  • Ensure the cable setup for each set of dual plates are the same (e.g. Primary plate on the left and Secondary plate on the right).
  • Take a note of the serial number on each set of dual plates. The serial number will display in ForceDecks Jump and will assist you to assign individuals (profiles) to the correct plates. 
Prior to testing in ForceDecks Jump:
  1. Log in to ForceDecks Jump
  2. Confirm the following settings
    1. Layout > Operational Mode - is set to “Multiple”
    2. Layout > Show Profile Selection Pane - is set to "Always"
    3. Platforms > Sequenced Platform Count - is set to the number of dual plate sets being used
    4. Platforms > Platform Assignment - is correct for your plate setup
    5. Platforms > Auto Test Export Folder - is the same folder as your ForceDecks App
  3. From the main screen, click and drag your profile names onto the relevant plates (check your serial numbers to confirm your profile is assigned to the correct plates)

  4. If you wish to use a Test Sequence, apply it now (refer to Create and Apply a Test Sequence)

To run simultaneous tests in ForceDecks Jump:

  1. Click the Play button to start testing
  2. Select Weigh Start or Start (refer to Weighing Profiles in ForceDecks Jump to confirm your preference)
  3. Ensure nothing is touching the force plates before allowing the plates to zero
  4. Instruct each individual to step on to their plates
  5. Advise the individuals to be as still as possible for 2-3 seconds before the first rep (to collect body weight) and between each rep (to allow the software to properly detect the start of movement).
  6. Have each individual perform the require movement/jump (refer to ForceDecks Test Protocols
  7. Once results display, have each individual perform the next test and/or rep
  8. When all the required movements/jumps are completed, click Stop.
  9. Review and edit results as required:
    1. Double click any rep to change the recorded test type, recorded side (unilateral tests), or delete.
    2. If you require an export of raw data to Excel, this can be exported now.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Confirm the reps you want to save and apply any relevant notes and tags as required.
  12. Click Save Tests to send the data to the VALD Hub and ForceDecks.