Weighing Profiles in ForceDecks Jump

An accurate body weight is critical to ensure high-quality, reliable data for many of the metrics in ForceDecks tests.
When running a ForceDecks test, it is important for the individual being tested to remain as still as possible for 2-3 seconds during the following:
  • Weighing period;
  • Before each test; and 
  • Between each rep.
Note: Talking, looking around and even chewing gum can cause weight fluctuations, leading to an incorrect body weight.

When using the ForceDecks Jump, the following starting options determine how an individual's body weight is recorded for the test:

  • Weigh Start – ForceDecks Jump will automatically determine an individuals weight from the "steady" period before the first movement/jump.
  • Start – ForceDecks Jump will automatically determine an individual's weight from the "steady" period before each test and between each rep.

To ensure the weight recorded for the test is as accurate as possible, it is strongly recommended that a body weight be taken before recording a test, using the weigh start option.

Users can further increase the weighing accuracy by adjusting weight detector thresholds and tolerances in the Weight Detector Settings.