Run a SmartSpeed Drill

First time SmartSpeed users are encouraged to follow the SmartSpeed Quick Start Guide before running a SmartSpeed Drill.

Prior to running a SmartSpeed drill with the SmartSpeed app, ensure:

  1. The batteries in your timing units are charged.
  2. You are logged in to the SmartSpeed app.
  3. Your command unit is connected to your device via Bluetooth.


To run a drill with the SmartSpeed app:
  1. Select Start Session
  2. Ensure your timing units are automatically scanned in
  3. Note: Timing units need to be on the same channel as the command unit to automatically scan in.
  4. Select a Team
  5. [Pro Timing Units only] Select number of Tracks 
  6. Select a Drill
  7. Select Ready
  8. [Pro Timing Units only] Physically walk through the timing gates in the order they have been set up
  9. [Pro Timing Units only] Confirm the order of the timing gates displayed on screen
  10. Select Start
  11. Select User Options as required for the protocol
  12. Select the Tick Icon
  13. Run through the protocol as configured
  14. Note:
    Results will automatically display onscreen, and the name of the current athlete will display on the right, above the timing clock.

    The following buttons in the app can be used to control the session:

    Lock - locks the app screen. This prevents buttons from being pressed accidentally.
    Reset - cancels the current trial. This enables an athlete to start again (e.g. a false start).
    Pause - deactivates the gates and SmartScan RFID scanner. This enables you to take a break.
    Resume - reactivates the timing gates after Reset or Pause
    Go - activates the gates. This feature is used to activate the gates when using Manual mode
  15. Select Stop to end the session
  16. Select Confirm (or cancel to continue session)
  17. Select View Session Results or New Session Setup