SmartSpeed Command Units

SmartSpeed command units operate as the command centre for SmartSpeed Systems. 
Command units have two in-built radio devices:
  1. IEEE 802.15.4 - to communicate between timing units; and
  2. Bluetooth - to communicate to a mobile device (SmartSpeed app) 
In order to command the timing units, each timing unit must be:
  • Set to the same radio channel as the command unit; and
  • Within range of the command unit.
To set up the command unit, users connect the command unit to an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. Therefore it is also important the mobile device running the SmartSpeed app remains within Bluetooth range of the command unit.

The SmartSpeed Pro and SmartSpeed Dash systems use different command units:

  • SmartSpeed Pro - Includes a SmartHub that acts as the command unit. 
  • SmartSpeed Dash - Users assign a Dash timing unit to act as the command unit.

The SmartHub has a greater range and ability to command more timing units than a Dash command unit. Refer to SmartSpeed Systems Overview for specifics.