Run a SmartSpeed Combine

Combines assess an athlete’s performance skills and attributes through a series of drills created to test various skillsets such as acceleration, jump height, application of force, and a change of direction.

To use SmartSpeed Combines, you will need to have the SmartSpeed timing gate system, the SmartSpeed app and access to SmartSpeed Online

Note: The Combine feature must be enabled prior to use. To enable this feature, please contact

Setup a SmartSpeed Combine

Step 1 - Create your Teams and Drills - Teams and drills are created in SmartSpeed Online.

Step 2 - Create Custom Data Fields - Custom data fields can be created to collect additional athlete information such as height, weight, wingspan or hand span etc.

Step 3 - Configure your Combine - Combines can be configured in SmartSpeed Online. 

Step 4 - Run your Combine - Combines are run through the SmartSpeed app.  To run multiple Combines or drills, you will need multiple command units with an appropriate quantity of timing gates.

To Create Custom Data Fields:
  1. Log in to SmartSpeed Online
  2. Click Add New Team or Drill
  3. Select My Data Entries
  4. Input the name of your custom field (on screen this is labelled Drill name)
  5. Select User Options
  6. Enter your variables – one variable per row. Add more rows by clicking add row
  7. Click Save & Close
  8. Repeat above steps for each required data field
To Configure your Combine:
  1. Log in to SmartSpeed Online
  2. Select My Combines
  3. Input the name of your Combine
  4. Select your Team
  5. Input your Drills in to the Station Setup - Station 1 is usually the registration station. Only one drill per station.
  6. Click Save & Close
To Run your Combine:
  1. Log in to SmartSpeed app
  2. Sync with SmartSpeed Online (go to Options > Settings > Account Data > Re-download in the SmartSpeed app)
  3. Select Run a Combine
  4. Select your Team
  5. Select your Mode - automatic, manual or RFID
  6. Select a Station
  7. Click Start
  8. Add or change User Options
  9. Run the drill as configured

Initial results can be viewed in the SmartSpeed app and will sync with SmartSpeed Online.