HumanTrak Release Notes May 2021

Release Notes for HumanTrak v2.6.9


  •          The Auto Trainer cancel button has been moved to a new location to avoid accidentally cancelling an Auto Trainer session.
  •          Auto Trainer repetition detection has been improved for the Cervical Extension, Cervical Flexion, and Cervical Flexion/Extension exercises.
  •          The Auto Trainer Program builder no longer displays two duplicate pop-ups after creation.
  •          The feet together requirement within Auto Trainer has been relaxed to accommodate individuals who struggle to balance with their feet together.
  •          The PDF reports have been modified to give the balance metrics more descriptive names.
  •          The PDF reports have been modified to remove negative signs and instead more clearly state the direction of movements.
  •          Live display of joint loading has been turned off to remove distractions and excess information during testing.
  •          First names and Surnames in HumanTrak can now contain numbers.
  •          An error message has been added when logging in to HumanTrak and the computer is not connected to the internet.
  •          Minor UI fixes and improvements


  •          Creating a Profile in the HumanTrak app will create that same Profile in VALD Hub.
  •          Profiles deleted in VALD Hub are now automatically deleted in the HumanTrak app.



HumanTrak session data (report PDF, CSV, and raw data stream CSV) can now be downloaded from VALD Hub.

New Users can be added through VALD Hub and log in to their HumanTrak System. 

By default new Users will not have the correct Permissions to log in to HumanTrak. Please follow instructions here


Humantrak now includes the Lunge and Countermovement Jump tests with on-screen results and PDF reports.


To complement the new Countermovement Jump test, HumanTrak reports now include Jump Height as a metric.


PDF reports for the new HumanTrak tests now include a column for individual asymmetry, with a colour-coded traffic light system to indicate the severity of the asymmetry.