Access ForceDecks Software

The ForceDecks Software suite includes four applications and a central database:

  • Main testing and analysis application.
  • Windows application.
ForceDecks Jump
  • Rapid testing application.
  • Windows application.
ForceDecks iOS App
  • Testing application for iOS devices.
ForceDecks LeaderBoard
  • Performance feedback application, to promote competition and buy-in among team members
  • Windows application.
  • Centralised data analytics and account administration platform for VALD Systems.
  • Cloud-based application.

To access ForceDecks software:

Step 1 - Log in to VALD Hub
Ensure you have access to your VALD Hub account. Your VALD Hub login credentials are also used to log in to ForceDecks software.
Note: Access to VALD Hub is required before users can access any other ForceDecks application.
Step 2 - Install and Activate 
ForceDecks Windows applications are downloaded from VALD Hub. 
Once installed on your Window device, the software must be activated to retain access.
Step 3 - (If required) Download ForceDecks iOS App
If you wish to collect test data using an iOS device, you can download the ForceDecks iOS App from the App Store.