Activate ForceDecks Software

Activating your ForceDecks software requires the use of both Licence Keys and Activation Codes. License Keys are machine-specific, and Activation Codes activate a specific License Key. 

For this reason, you will require a different Activation Code and will need to go through the below process for each different computer that you have installed ForceDecks on.

To activate your ForceDecks software:

  1. Log into ForceDecks 
  2. Click Options 
  3. Select Credentials
  4. Click Activation Your Licence Key will display. Copy the Licence Key and forward to VALD Client Support (email
  5. When you receive an email reply. Copy the Activation Code from the reply email and paste into the Activation Code field. 
  6. Click Connect.

Your ForceDecks software should now be activated. If you experience any problems email for assistance.

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