Training with ForceFrame

ForceFrame training programs can be created for use in the ForceFrame App.

These training programs are typically setup on VALD Hub, prior to running an athlete or client through the program on the ForceFrame App.
There are over 45 exercises available in the Training Program Builder in VALD Hub and each exercise in a training program can be configured as required:
  • Laterality (Left / Right)
  • Force Target (Manual / Average / Max)
  • Force Value (Newtons)
  • Tolerance (%)
  • Number of Repetitions
  • Contraction Time (Seconds)
  • Rest Time (Seconds)
  • Rest Time After Set (Seconds)
Follow the relevant links to get started with ForceFrame Training Programs:
  • Create new training programs
  • Search and view existing training programs
  • Edit, duplicate and delete training programs
Note: Whilst training programs are easily managed in VALD Hub and sync to the ForceFrame app, they can also be created and edited on-the-go in the ForceFrame app.