Run a ForceFrame Training Session

Prior to running a training session you will need to Create a Training Program.
To run a training session in ForceFrame App:
  1. Log in to ForceFrame App
  2. Go to Device
  3. Select Device to connect ForceFrame
  4. Go to Athlete
  5. Search for the relevant profile
  6. Expand group to display profile name
  7. Click profile name
  8. Go to Program
  9. Click Training
  10. Search for the relevant training program
  11. Note: If your training program is not displayed you will need to Refresh your ForceFrame App
  12. Click the training program
  13. Click Start
  14. Set the ForceFrame up as displayed on screen
  15. Have the individual get into position
  16. Click Begin
  17. Have the individual press against the sensors(s) to reach the Target Zone in the force trace
  18. Have the individual follow the on-screen queues to continue the session
  19. Click Done when the session is complete
  20. Click Upload to view results in VALD Hub