Managing Profiles in VALD Hub

The following information will help you manage your athlete/client profiles in VALD Hub:

Categories and groups

Categories and Groups can be created to assist with organising, sorting, and reporting on different types of profiles in VALD Hub. 

Create a profile

Before you can use any VALD app for testing or training, you must create at least one profile. Profiles created in VALD Hub will sync through to VALD testing and training apps. 

Create profiles in bulk

You can save time by uploading your profiles into VALD Hub in bulk using a .CSV file.
Profiles can also be assigned to groups when using the bulk upload feature.
To successfully upload profiles in bulk it is important to follow the steps covered in the Create Profiles in Bulk article.

Editing profiles

New or existing profiles can be edited at any time, provided you have permission to edit profiles.