Create Profiles in Bulk

You can save time by creating your Profiles in bulk using the VALD Hub bulk upload feature.

Create profiles in bulk

To assist with the bulk upload, a .CSV template is linked below. 

The template also includes the ability to assign profiles to Categories and Groups. However, before uploading you will need to ensure the Categories and Groups have already been created in VALD Hub.

Alternatively, if you have a PMS (Practice Management System) that already contains the necessary profile information, a .CSV export from your PMS can serve as the basis for your bulk upload. 

Prepare .CSV file

To prepare your profiles for bulk upload:
  1. Download the bulk upload .CSV template; or export a .CSV file with the necessary information from your PMS.
  2. Compile your list of profiles in the .CSV file.
  3. Ensure the required fields – Given Name, Family NameGender and Date of Birth are completed for each profile. All other columns are optional. A warning will be shown if Gender or Email are not included, however profiles missing these fields can still be uploaded. 
  4. Enter Date of Birth. Must be in YYYY-MM-DD format.
  5. If you choose to include a value in the Sport column, ensure the value matches one of the existing sports in VALD Hub. To confirm, manually add a single profile in VALD Hub and view the sports in the drop-down list.
  6. To Allow Photo and Video Recording, add the value "True" in the column. This field can only be set to “True” for profiles 13 or older. 
  7. If you wish to link your Profiles to external systems, you can add an External ID for all relevant Profiles
  8. If you choose to include a value in a Category and Group column, ensure the value matches one of your existing Categories and Groups in VALD Hub. An individual can be assigned to 8 Groups 

Upload .CSV file

To upload your .CSV file into VALD Hub:
  1. Log in to VALD Hub
  2. Go to Profiles
  3. Click Upload from CSV
  4. Select your .CSV file and click Continue
  5. Review the list of Profiles to ensure that they are correct. Invalid Profiles can be fixed in the .CSV file and re-uploaded. 
  6. Click Import profiles
  7. Click Yes, import now

Metric or imperial units 

Length and mass values will be interpreted as metric or imperial depending on your organisation’s System for Measurement setting. 
To edit this setting: 
  1. Log in to VALD Hub 
  2. Go to Management 
  3. Select Administration 
  4. Click Organisation 
  5. Select Metric or Imperial from the System for Measurement drop-down menu 
For metric organisations: length measurements will be interpreted as centimetres and mass measurements will be interpreted as kilograms. 
For imperial organisations: length measurements will be interpreted as inches and mass measurements will be interpreted as pounds. 

Flexible column names

The column names in the .CSV for bulk importing profiles are flexible to many alternative names. For instance, a space between two words can be indicated with any of the following: '-', '_', '.', ' ', or ''. Most field titles exported from common practice management systems should be supported for direct bulk import into VALD Hub. However, if a column is your .CSV is not mapping to the field in Hub that you want, you can change that column title to match the one given in the Bulk Upload Template. 

Duplicate entries

Three sets of criteria are used to determine if a profile being uploaded is a duplicate of a profile that currently already exists in VALD Hub:
  1. The vald-id field. This field is included when exporting profiles from VALD Hub to a .CSV.  
  2. The email field. 
  3. The first name and last name fields. Both of these fields need to match an existing profile. 
If a profile being bulk uploaded is a duplicate of a profile currently in VALD Hub, the information in the profile being uploaded will be used to update the profile that currently exists. 
Note: The individual profile creator can be used to create two profiles with the same email or the same first and last name.

Ensuring the Date format is correct

  1. The date format must follow the International standard of YYYY-MM-DD, otherwise, the bulk import tool will not be able to validate the date of birth for each Profile
  2. By default, when you open the CSV file the date format will match your region (e.g., MM-DD-YYYY for the US). Therefore, you need to manually update the format prior to upload (see video below)
  3. Once you have updated the date of birth column format to YYYY-MM-DD, save and reupload your CSV file without closing it

Editing profiles in bulk

To bulk edit profiles using this feature: 
  1. Log in to VALD Hub 
  2. Go to Profiles 
  3. Select the profiles you would like to edit 
  4. Click Export Selected 
  5. Open the exported .CSV and edit the profiles. Do not edit the vald-id column. 
  6. Save the .CSV 
  7. Follow the steps to upload a .CSV listed above. 
  8. Instead of creating new profiles, when the upload is complete profiles that currently exist in VALD Hub will be updating with the information in the .CSV. 
Note: Editing profiles in bulk will not work for profiles that have an email assigned to them.