Create Profiles in Bulk

You can save time by creating your Profiles in bulk using the VALD Hub bulk upload feature.

The bulk upload feature can be used to:

Create profiles in bulk

To assist with the bulk upload, we recommend using the .CSV Bulk Template. The template format is required to successfully upload profiles.
The template also includes the ability to assign profiles to Categories and Groups. However before uploading you will need to ensure the Categories and Groups have already been created in VALD Hub.

Prepare .CSV file

To prepare your profiles for bulk upload:
  1. Download a bulk template 
  2. Compile your list of profiles in the .CSV bulk template
  3. Ensure the required fields – Given Name, Family NameGender and Date of Birth are completed for each profile. All other columns are optional.
  4. Enter Date of Birth into Year of Birth, Month of Birth and Day of Birth columns.
  5. If you choose to include a value in the Sport column, ensure the value matches one of the existing sports in VALD Hub. To confirm, manually add a single profile in VALD Hub and view the sports in the drop-down list.
  6. To Allow Photo and Video Recording, add the value "True" in the column. 
  7. If you wish to link your Profiles to external systems, you can add an External ID for all relevant Profiles
  8. If you choose to include a value in a Category and Group column, ensure the value matches one of your existing Categories and Groups in VALD Hub. An individual can be assigned to 8 Groups 

Upload .CSV file

To upload your .CSV file into VALD Hub:
  1. Log in to VALD Hub
  2. Go to Profiles
  3. Click + Create Profile
  4. Select Upload from CSV
  5. Select your .CSV file