Run an Exercise Program in HumanTrak

To start an AutoTrainer exercise program in HumanTrak:
  1. Log in to the HumanTrak laptop
  2. Click Profiles
  3. Click on a profile name or create a profile
  4. Click START AutoTrainer
  5. Select an Exercise Plan, or Create an Exercise Plan 

Note: From here the individual will be required to use their body to control the HumanTrak System and interact with AutoTrainer, including all actionable buttons.

Instruction for the individual:


  1. Ensure the individual faces the camera and can view the laptop screen
  2. Have the individual raise their hands to the orange circles and clench their fists

Screen Orientation:

  • The list of exercises in the plan are displayed on the left-hand side
  • During each exercise, instruction on how to perform the exercise will be displayed on the right-hand side
  • As the exercise is completed the repetition counter at the top of the screen will count down
  • The Play button will commence the exercise and can be used to skip past a rest period
  • The Pause button can be used at any stage to take a break
  • The X button will exit the program entirely