ForceDecks Jump Quick Testing Guide

This quick guide covers the steps required to complete a test in ForceDecks Jump, using one set of dual force plates.

If testing with ForceDecks Jump for the first time, refer to Run Tests in ForceDecks Jump and Test Protocols before completing your first test.

Prior to Testing

  1. Log in – Log in to ForceDecks Jump
  2. Confirm settings – Confirm the following settings:
    1. Layout > Operational Mode is set to “Shared”
    2. Layout > Show Profile Selection Pane is set to "Always"
    3. Platforms > Sequenced Platform Count is set to “1”
    4. Platforms > Platform Assignment is correct for your plate setup
    5. Platforms > Auto Test Export Folder is the same folder as ForceDecks

Starting a Test

  1. Confirm test queue - Double click profile names to add to them to the testing queue
  2. Start testing - Click “Play” button
  3. Confirm weighing – Click “Weigh Start” or “Start” to confirm your weighing option. (Refer to Weighing Profiles in ForceDecks Jump to confirm your preference)
  4. Zero Sensors - Ensure nothing is touching the plates before allowing the plates to zero

Recording a Test

  1. Assume starting position - Ask the first individual (profile) in the testing queue to assume the starting position on the plates.
  2. Perform rep – Instruct the individual to perform the required movement/jump
  3. Repeat rep – Have the individual pause for 2-3 seconds, then repeat the movement/jump for the required number of reps
  4. Select next individual (profile)– Select the next individual in the testing queue and repeat steps 1-4
  5. Stop recording – Click ‘Stop” button to examine all results
  6. Review – Review and edit results as required
  7. Save – Click “Save” to select reps, apply tags and notes; or “Save All” to save