Recording a Test in ForceDecks

Before recording a test in ForceDecks it is important you have run through the following steps to ensure high-quality and reliable data:

  1. Zero your ForceDecks
  2. Weigh your individual (profile)

To record a test in ForceDecks:

  1. Click Start Recording
  2. Note: It is important the force-time trace lines appear on the screen before asking the individual to begin a movement. It is also important the they remain still for 2-3 seconds before, and between each rep in the test.
  3. Have your individual perform the required movement/jump (refer to ForceDecks Test Protocols).
  4. If the individual needs to step off the force plates during recording, click Pause Recording, then click Resume when ready.
  5. Once the desired number of reps are completed click Stop Recording.
  6. ForceDecks will scan the force-time trace and auto-detect the test type.

    Example below: 3 x CMJ reps have been detected

  7. Review that reps and test type have been detected correctly. If required, manually relabel the test type and/or manually mark rep (trial) ranges.
  8. Click Analyse and Save - to move directly to next individual  or  Click Analyse – to review results.
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