Quick Data Quality Check in ForceDecks

When possible, it is recommended to run some quick checks after each test to ensure you are capturing high-quality and reliable data.

By checking, you may identify errors within a recording caused by any of the following:

  • Individual being distracted
  • Poor technique
  • Lack of effort
  • Plate instability/placement
  • Noise generated by nearby impacts (e.g. weights being dropped)
  • Cross-talk from plates touching each other or surrounding materials

Errors commonly occur during the following:

  • Start of movement
  • Take-off
  • Landing

The above errors may lead to inaccuracies which are summarised in the table below:

Metric affected / direction Time point / phase Causes
Flight time: Contraction time/Eccentric duration ↓
Contraction time ↑
Eccentric duration ↑
Start time to peak force/Power ↑
Average eccentric: Concentric time/Force ratio ↑
Start of movement Excessive movement in pre-jump phase
Large impact near platforms prior to jump
Jump height (Flight time) ↑ ↓
Flight time: Contraction time/Eccentric duration ↑ ↓
Take-off Large impact near platforms during late concentric phase
Jump height (Flight time) ↓
Flight time: Contraction time/Eccentric duration ↓
Flight Large impact during flight triggering landing identifier
Contact between plates/surround