Weighing Profiles in ForceDecks

It is strongly recommended that a body weight be taken before recording a test, to ensure the weight is as accurate as possible.

Note: An accurate body weight is critical to ensure high-quality, reliable data for many of the metrics in ForceDecks tests. Talking, looking around and even chewing gum can cause weight fluctuations, leading to an incorrect bodyweight.

To weigh an individual in ForceDecks:

  1. Click Measure Weight.
  2. The individual can step onto the force plates.
  3. The individual should be instructed to be as still as possible.  Once the “stability” indicator remains green and body weight fluctuates by no more than +/- 0.1 kg, click OK.

It is possible to start a test without weighing, and in this scenario you can either:

  • Manually input the individual’s weight into ForceDecks; or
  • Rely on the weight ForceDecks will automatically determine from the “still” period before a jump.
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