Charging your ForceDecks (V.2)

The following information for charging your ForceDecks (V.2) plates is covered below:

Battery specifications

About your ForceDecks (V.2) battery:

Approximate battery life (from full charge): 
  • 50+ hours (FDLite and FDMax)
  • 20+ hours (FDMini)  
Approximate charge time (from empty charge):
  • 24 hours (approximately)
Charging equipment:
  • Mini-USB cable (2m)
  • USB wall adapter (optional)
Charging methods:
  • Plugged into USB port of computer
  • Plugged into USB wall adapter (mains power)
Important notes:
  • Do not charge a device if your Mini-USB cable or wall adapter are damaged.
  • While other brands of wall adapter may successfully charge your device, we recommend only using VALD supplied adapters.
  • Your ForceDecks will automatically turn off after a period of inactivity.

Battery status indicators

Your ForceDecks battery will be partially charged when you receive it. The different statuses of the battery indicator are listed below:

Turned off / No charge: No Lights

Medium Battery: Amber Light

Low Battery: Red Light

Full Battery: Green Light

Charging ForceDecks

To charge your ForceDecks battery:

Plug the small end of the USB cable into the Left ForceDecks Plate 

Plug the large end of the USB cable into either:
  • The USB port of your computer
  • The USB Wall Adapter, then plug the Wall Adapter into a wall socket

Note: We recommend the plates are turned on while charging, and if possible remove the interplate cable and charge the plates individually.