Selecting a NordBord Knee Position

A knee position can be selected and stored against any profile in the NordBord App.
Whilst this is an optional feature, recording a knee position for your athlete/client in the NordBord App will enable you to:
  • Increase the reliability and speed of future tests
  • Measure torque - Torque (Nm) = Force (N) x Length (derived from knee position) 
To confirm the correct knee position, have your athlete/client:
  1. Kneel on the NordBord
  2. Place their ankles in the hooks
  3. Shuffle forwards and backwards until:
    1. The ankle hooks are at the top of their shoe
    2. Their ankle is perpendicular with their lower leg
Once your athlete/client is in the above position, record their knee position:
  1. Look for the numbered line where the knees touch the knee pad
  2. Record the line number in the NordBord App:
    1. Select your Athlete
    2. Go to Knee Position
    3. Click the relevant number
Note: For best results, ensure you select the knee position where the knees touch the pad, rather than the knee position in line with the front of the athlete/client’s thigh.