Run a NordBord Test

This brief guide covers the steps required to run a NordBord test.

If testing for the first time, refer to the NordBord Starter's Guide before completing your first test.


Log In

Log in to the NordBord App.

Your login credentials for the app are the same credentials as your VALD Hub account.


Zero Sensors

NordBord zeroes itself during start up. 

Ensure nothing is touching the force sensors before turning the NordBord on, or when you click Zero Now.


Connect Device

Connect your NordBord to your PC or iOS device.

Connect your PC via USB, or iOS device via Bluetooth.


Confirm Device

Click Device then select your NordBord.


Select Profile

Click Profile to select your athlete/client, or Add New Profile.


Confirm Test

Click Program to select the test type you wish the individual to perform.


Confirm Knee Position

Ensure the individual is setup in the correct position.


Record Knee Position

Record the individual’s knee position for reliability of future tests and to measure torque.


Start Recording

Click the Start button to commence the test recording.


Perform Test

Instruct the individual to begin the test and perform the required number of reps.


Finish Recording

Click the Finish button to complete the test recording.


Upload Result

Check your test data and remove (unselect) any unwanted reps prior to uploading to VALD Hub.

Click the Upload button to View Test Results in VALD Hub.