Managing SmartSpeed Profiles

SmartSpeed profiles are managed in SmartSpeed Online through the creation of Teams.

A new profile can be created by either:

  • Creating a new team; or
  • Editing an existing team.

Profiles can be added manually to a team or imported in bulk using the 'Paste From Excel' function.

If using SmartScan (RFID) profiles can be added:

  • Prior to a session – using SmartSpeed Online and the included PC RFID reader; or
  • During a session – using SmartSpeed app and the SmartScan RFID reader.

If a team is not created prior to running a session with the SmartSpeed app, users can use the default team. This default team includes 40 athletes e.g. Athlete 1, Athlete 2, Athlete 3 etc.

Note: Teams can not be created in the SmartSpeed app.