SmartJump Mat Sensitivity

The sensitivity of the Portable Jump Mat is an important factor to consider when collecting jump data. 

The mat sensitivity is set to ignore flight times of less than 100ms, by default. This is to prevent errors due to false triggers.
False triggers occur during a jump when the athlete shifts their weight on the mat as they begin to take-off. This displacement in weight occurs over a short time and is often incorrectly recorded as the athlete's flight time. 
By reducing the sensitivity of the jump mat, it is possible to ignore these incorrect readings. Reducing the sensitivity of the mat is also useful when using the mat on soft ground, where the mat could sink or be easily displaced during the drill. 
User can also increase the sensitivity of the jump mat for drills. This is useful when running a drill that involves athletes performing rapid jumps in succession, or triggering the mat with a ball. Due to the nature of these drills, the displacement of the athlete's weight or ball is repetitive and often difficult to detect.
Note: The sensitivity adjustment does not alter the accuracy of the data collected. It instead allows users to set thresholds for the data. The system flags any data under this threshold, ignoring it when it comes to analysing the athlete’s performance. 

Mat sensitivity is set when creating drills in SmartSpeed Online or the SmartSpeed app.