ForceDecks Test: Single Leg Hop Test Protocol

The Single Leg Hop Test (SLHJ) test is the unilateral equivalent of the Hop Test (HJ). It follows the same test protocols, except it is performed on one leg at a time.

ForceDecks App Protocol

Starting Position
  • Standing tall on one foot
  • Hands on hips
  • Chest up and looking forward
  1. Zero plates – Ensure nothing is touching plates and click "Zero Platforms".
  2. Assume starting position – Ask individual to assume starting position.
  3. Weigh individual – Click “Measure Weight”. The individual must remain completely still, and the colour display must register green before accepting body weight.
  4. Stabilise individual – Instruct the individual to remain completely still, in the standing position for 2-3 seconds before the first jump.
  5. Start Recording – Click ”Start Recording”.
  6. Perform jump - Instruct the individual to:
    1. Keep chest up and looking forward;
    2. Bend down; then
    3. Jump up; then
    4. Land stiff-legged on only the toes; then
    5. Quickly jump off the toes, for the desired number of reps, in rapid succession (Safely keeping the knees as straight as possible).
  7. Stop recording – Click "Stop Recording".
  8. Review – Review that reps and test type have been detected correctly.  You can manually correct the test type and/or manually mark trial ranges, if required.
  9. Analyse – Click "Analyse and Save" - to move directly to next individual; or "Click Analyse" – to review results.
Reps 1 - 100 reps 
Default Instant Results
Note: ForceDecks auto-detects the top 5 hops with the highest RSI. The number of hops analysed can be manually inputted in the recording screen.
  • Mean Contact Time [ms]
  • Mean Flight Time [ms]
  • Mean RSI (Flight/Contact Time)
  • Mean Active Stiffness [N/m]
  • Mean Landing RFD (asymmetry) [% L,R]
  • Mean Impulse (Asymmetry) [% L,R]
  • Mean RSI (Flight/Contact Time)
  • Mean Active Stiffness (Asymmetry) [% L,R]