Run a Balance Test in ForceDecks iOS App

This guide covers how to run a balance test in the ForceDecks iOS App. If testing with ForceDecks for the first time, refer to Testing with ForceDecks.
Step 1 - Test Setup
  1. Go to Test
  2. Ensure the ForceDecks plates are turned on, and you are located near the plates to ensure a strong Bluetooth connection. (If required, refer to Bluetooth Connection Guide.)
  3. Select your ForceDecks plates. 

  4. Go to Profile
  5. Select a Profile
  6. Note: You may need to refresh your app if the profile has only recently been added.
  7. Go to Test Type:
    1. Select Pre-Select 
    2. Scroll down to Balance Tests
    3. Select the Test Type 
  8. Go to Tags
  9. Add or Manage Tags, as required. 

Note: To maintain a strong Bluetooth connection, ensure you remain with the plates while recording a test. (Refer to Bluetooth Connection Guide.)
Step 2 – Zero Force Plates
  1. Ensure nothing is touching the ForceDecks plates.
  2. Click Start to zero the ForceDecks plates.  

Step 3 – Select Test Options

  1. Specify the following options (as applicable):
    1. Exercise Length
    2. Eyes Closed
    3. Unstable Surface
    4. Secondary Task   
Step 4 - Recording a Test
  1. Instruct the individual to perform the required balance protocol (refer to ForceDecks Test Protocols).
  2. A timer will automatically countdown to indicate the time remaining in the test. 

  3. Click the arrow to the right of the screen, to view result metrics.    

  4. Click Next Rep to perform an additional rep.
  5. Click Stop when testing is complete        
  6. Click Upload to upload tests to VALD Hub and ForceDecks.