ForceDecks iOS App Bluetooth Connection

ForceDecks plates are connected to the ForceDecks iOS App via Bluetooth.

Note: To enable Bluetooth connectivity, the latest ForceDecks Firmware must be installed, and only one set of ForceDecks turned on.

To connect ForceDecks plates to the iOS App via Bluetooth:

  1. Log in to ForceDecks iOS App
  2. Go to Tests
  3. Ensure your ForceDecks are turned on
  4. Select your plates 

Note: If you are experiencing difficulty connecting to your ForceDecks, please consider the following requirements:
  • Have you installed the latest ForceDecks Firmware?
  • Are you using Bluetooth compatible ForceDecks plates (FDMini, FDLite (V2), FDMax)?
  • Are you using a compatible iOS Device?
  • Are you standing near the ForceDecks plates?
  • Are your ForceDecks plates turned on?
  • Are your ForceDecks plates currently paired with another iOS device or computer?
  • Is your Sampling Rate set no higher than 500Hz? 

Ensure you remain with the ForceDecks plates during testing to ensure you maintain a strong Bluetooth connection. If you do experience any disruption to a Bluetooth connection, you will receive the following notifications:

Average Signal 

Poor Signal 

Stopped Recording