VALD Hub - July 2021

Feature Improvements


This VALD Hub release includes minor bug fixes and feature enhancements. A new feature of Most Recent Test can be found in Individual Profiles.


  • Group Filter on dashboard now sticky when user leaves page or logs out and back in.
  • Enhanced user experience with dashboard content adjusting to various screen sizes .


  • Ability to print from reports including print customisation options.
  • Enhanced user experience with reports content adjusting to various screen sizes .


  • Enhanced user navigation to access options of Print, Edit details, Assign groups and Delete profiles.
  • Profile list view now able to sort by number of assigned groups.
  • Profile Results Table - NordBord Test charting modal edit test option fix.
  • Enhanced user experience with Overview and Most Recent Tabs and content adjusting to various screen sizes.
  • New feature of printing from Profile Overview, Results Table and Most Recent charting drill down.
  • Addition of Most Recent tab enabling user to;
    • View most recent testing data for an individual profile,
    • View data by test date or test type,
    • Customize metrics for individual test types,
    • View chart view for longitudinal display of test data,
    • Compare test results against individual performance and a group; and
    • Link from an individual profile through to Telehab
    • For more information read the Most Recent View for Profile Data Support Article.

Program Builder

  • Items per page selector now sticky when user leaves and returns to page.

VALD Systems

  • ForceDecks .csv export column header bug fix to accurately display metric name.
  • ForceDecks Single Leg Jump bug fix to ensure display when auto-detect weight method used for collection in ForceDecks iOS app.
  • ForceDecks chart visual update to present trials within repetitions in order of collection.
  • ForceTrace chart visual update to improve x-axis alignment.
  • Update to feature of printing from VALD Systems for NordBord, ForceFrame and ForceDecks


  • Removal of edit profile settings button when User does not have appropriate permissions.


  • Enhanced user experience with left hand menu and top bar content adjusting to various screen sizes.