Normative Data Reports in VALD Hub

Normative Data Reports in VALD Hub are downloadable and interactive reports that are specific to major sporting leagues and teams.

To access and download Data Reports in VALD Hub:

  1. Log in to VALD Hub.
  2. Go to Reports.
  3. Select the Data Reports page.
  4. Select the Download icon for the required report.
  5. Navigate to the Downloads folder on your computer to open and view the report.
Note: To access Data Reports in VALD Hub, users must have access to "All Categories and Groups" (refer to Managing Users and Permissions), and belong to an organisation within a major sporting league. 

About the End of Season Report

The End of Season report contains the following:

  • Normative values for key metrics across the most common tests within a major sporting league or sport for;
    • The most recent season; and
    • The previous season.
  • Organisation values will also be displayed for;
    • The most recent season; and
    • The previous season; provided
    • The user's organisation has the relevant VALD systems; and 
    • The user's organisation has conducted a sufficient number of tests within a season. 
Once downloaded, the report can be viewed using the following interactive features:
  • Click on the left hand menu to access different pages of the report
  • Hover over a figure to obtain additional information and functionality
  • Click on the legend icons to toggle the different groups' data on and off
  • Click on the tabs above the tables and figure to compare the different groups/metrics.