VALD Hub - June 2021

Feature Improvements


This VALD Hub release includes minor bug fixes, and a new data report.


  • Update of carousel and webinar content.

Data Reports - Normative Data Reports

  • Addition of ‘Normative Data Reports’ option for Users with ‘All Categories and Group’ permissions.
  • DSI Report Chart - visual update to support long Profile names.
  • When available ‘Data Reports’ will house downloadable reports specific to your team, league and sport.

Individual Profiles

  • Overview Charts - minor bug fix to avoid ‘something went wrong error’ when choosing to display or hide rolling average line.
  • Overview Charts - visual update to support long test names on relative test profile.
  • Overview Asymmetry Charts - visual update on date display.
  • Results Table – Filter button removed for HumanTrak as no options available to filter.
  • Profile Summary – Summary Test Result numbers updated to display as per the time-period set within the individual profile page.

  • Profile Details - visual update to support long profile names.
  • Overview Charts - minor bug fix to remove Profile Avg. label when only one data point.
  • Results Table - minor bug fix to ensure logical date selection with Date from and Date to changes.
  • Results Table - minor bug fix to remove 'something went wrong' error message when profile with single leg hop test selected.
  • Results Table - minor bug fix to display correct Date and Time in NordBord chart drill down hover over.
  • Profile Summary - hover over detail added to inform user what Group(s) the Profile belongs to in list view.
  • Profile Summary - inclusion of DSI result in the summary test result numbers.

VALD Systems

  • Date Picker - visual update to improve usability.
  • Charts – visual update to allow average line label to always be visible.
  • HumanTrak– sort function update and addition of time of recording.

Program Builder

  • Exerciser Viewer - visual update to support viewing when user reduces screen size.


  • Organisation Tab – Users who do not have both User and Group permissions set to ‘View, Create, Modify, Delete’ the User will no longer see the Organisation tab.
  • Users Tab – ‘Modified by’ column now updating correctly.
  • Categories – addition of validation message for name change when user attempts to add already existing Category name.
  • Groups - Profile assignment update to permit un-assignment of newly added profiles from a group where they belong to more than one group.

Drop-down Menu

  • Drop-down Menu - Addition of 'Give Feedback' button to open feedback & feature request form in new tab.