Using ForceDecks iOS App

The ForceDecks iOS App enables users to collect test data using an iOS device.

Test data collected on the iOS app can then be uploaded to the following applications for data analysis and storage:
  • ForceDecks – The main analysis and testing application. 
  • VALD Hub – The centralised data analytics and account administration platform for VALD Systems.

Getting started

Step 1 - Confirm your iOS device is compatible to run the ForceDecks iOS App.
Step 2 - Ensure your Bluetooth compatible ForceDecks ( FDMini, FDLite (V2) or FDMax) have been updated with the latest firmware.
Step 3 - Download the ForceDecks iOS App from the App Store.


Any profiles setup in VALD Hub will sync with the ForceDecks iOS App. However, if required an individual profile can be added directly in the ForceDecks iOS App.


Results are instantly displayed in ForceDecks iOS App after each rep is detected and these result metrics can be set to suit your requirements.
There are also a few weighing and upload settings to be aware of when testing with ForceDecks iOS App.

Run Tests in ForceDecks iOS App

If testing with ForceDecks for the first time, refer to Testing with ForceDecks.

To be guided through your first test using the ForceDecks iOS App, refer to Run a Test in ForceDecks iOS App.