About HumanTrak Software

The HumanTrak software suite includes the following two components:

HumanTrak App
  • The main analysis and testing application
  • Installed on the custom HumanTrak laptop
  • Data storage and account administration platform
  • Cloud-based application

Accessing HumanTrak software

When you receive your first VALD System you will be sent a VALD Hub setup email from the VALD Onboarding Team. From VALD Hub you can create additional software users for your organisation.

Once your VALD Hub account is set up, you can use the same VALD Hub login credentials to log in to the HumanTrak App.

If your organisation already has a VALD Hub account and you require a login, contact your account admin or support@vald.com

Note: There is currently only one permission level for HumanTrak users. Therefore any user accessing the HumanTrak app, regardless of their permissions set in VALD Hub, will be able to View, Create, Modify and Delete Profiles in HumanTrak.