Managing your NordBord Profiles

The following information will help you manage your athlete/client profiles for NordBord testing.
Note: Whilst profiles are easily managed in VALD Hub and sync to apps for testing and training, they can also be managed on-the-go in the NordBord App.

Add a profile

Before you can use your NordBord App, you will require at least one profile.
If possible, we recommend you set up all your profiles prior to testing to speed up the workflow.  

Add profiles in bulk

For large numbers of profiles, you can save time by creating them all at once by uploading a .CSV file to VALD Hub. To successfully import profiles in bulk, it is important to follow the steps covered in Add Profiles to VALD Hub in Bulk.

Editing profiles

Profiles can be edited or deleted at any time.

Edit and Delete Profiles in VALD Hub