Managing Test Data in VALD Hub

The following information will help you manage your test data in VALD Hub. 

View test data 

Test results uploaded to VALD Hub can be viewed from the following pages:
  • Dashboard - Overview of the latest test results for your Organisation
  • Reports - Customised summary of grouped test results for your Organisation
  • Profiles - Individual results for each profile in your Organisation
  • VALD Systems - All test results for each VALD system

Edit test records (NordBord and ForceFrame Only) 

Each NordBord and ForceFrame test record in VALD Hub can be edited to change the following details: 
  • The individual tested 
  • The test type performed 

Edit Test Records in VALD Hub

Export test results

Each test result in VALD Hub can be exported.

Export Test Results from VALD Hub 

Categories and groups

Categories and Groups in VALD Hub provide users with the ability to segment profiles to increase filtering and reporting capabilities.

Profiles can be assigned to multiple groups and therefore can be used to group test results.

For example:

A Category called "Rehabilitation Stages" could have the following Groups:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3 (return to play)

A Category called "Senior Teams" could have the following Groups:

  • Division 1
  • Division 2
  • Division 3

A profile can be assigned to both the Stage 1 group and the Division 3 group

Managing Categories and Groups