What Does NordBord Measure?

NordBord measures three key metrics:

  • Force - measured in Newtons (N)
  • Torque - measured in Newton-Metres (Nm)
  • Impulse - measured in Newton-Seconds (Ns)
Unit Description Calculation Method
Force Force is measured directly from the NordBord transducers. Load cell sensors interpret how much force is being applied to the hooks. N/A (measured directly)
Torque Torque (or rotational force) can be calculated using the NordBord. Torque is a factor of Force and length, where length, in this case, is the distance from the centre of the knee joint to the centre of the NordBord Ankle Hook. This distance is approximated using a calculation derived from the Knee Position setting. Torque = Force x Length (Length derived from Knee Position)
Impulse  Impulse (or work) is calculated by determining the "area under the curve". Impulse is a factor of Force and time, so the longer a contraction is held, the larger the Impulse result will be. Impulse Thresholds are used to ensure unwanted contractions (e.g. re-positioning between reps) do not skew overall Impulse results. Impulse = Force x Time (excluding any periods below Impulse Threshold)