Setup ForceDecks Jump

Before you start testing with ForceDecks Jump you will need to take a look at a few settings.

Confirm your Operational Mode in layout settings:
  • Shared – When testing with one set of dual plates
  • Multiple – When testing with multiple sets of dual plates
Confirm the following platform settings:
  • Sequenced Platform Count – The number of dual plate sets being used for a Test Sequence
  • Platform Assignment – Confirms if the Primary Plate (1) on the Left and Secondary Plate (2) on the Right
  • Auto Test Export Folder – Ensure this is the same folder you setup for your ForceDecks App
Result Lists and Chart Lists
Confirm the result metrics and charts you wish to see. 
Note: Default metrics in ForceDecks Jump, differ from default metrics in ForceDecks.

To edit the above settings in ForceDecks Jump:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the Layout, Platforms, Results Lists and Chart Lists tabs
  3. Select your setting preferences