Weight Settings in ForceDecks Jump

The auto weight detection feature in ForceDecks Jump can be adjusted to increase or decrease the leniency of auto weight detection.

The following weight settings can be adjusted:

  • Minimum Weight – The minimum amount of weight that needs to be on the force plates for ForceDecks to detect weight.
  • Maximum Standard Deviation – The amount of weight instability that is considered acceptable during a steady period. ForceDecks can automatically determine an individual's weight from the steady period before a jump. Lower deviations increase body weight accuracy; however, the individual must stand even more still.
  • Steady Period – The period of time a steady weight value is required on the force plates, before ForceDecks will record a weight.
  • Maximum Weight Deviation – The amount of weight discrepancy that is considered acceptable between each test and/or rep. The lower the deviation the more consistent a body weight needs to be between tests/reps. 

To edit the weight settings in ForceDecks Jump:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the Weight tab
  3. Select your weight preferences
  4. Click Set as default