Viewing Results in ForceDecks

ForceDecks test results are viewed in ForceDecks via the:

Results Dashboard

The Results Dashboard will appear:

  • When you click Analyse, after completing a test
  • When you open a saved test

The Dashboard has two main views:

  • Performance Results – displays by default
  • Asymmetry Results – displays when you click Asymmetry Results

Each view contains bar graphs for four result metrics, which can be customised to display selected metrics for each individual test type.

The bar graphs show:

  • Average of Trials (reps) – displays by default
  • Maximum of Trials – displays when you click Maximum of Trials

Results Table

The Results Table includes:

  • A full list of results for each trial (rep) 
  • Summary results for the whole test
By default, only a selection of metrics display in the Results Table, however this list can be expanded to reveal the full list of metrics. 
You can also customise the default view to display selected metrics for each individual test type.

Raw Data View

The Raw Data View provides a detailed review of:
  • The force-time curves from your test
  • Force-derived metrics (e.g. height, velocity, acceleration, and power)

ForceDecks results can also be viewed and analysed in VALD Hub. In VALD Hub users can select up to 20 performance and asymmetry metrics to be displayed for each test type. View ForceDecks Test Data in VALD Hub.