View ForceDecks Test Data in VALD Hub

In addition to the ForceDecks App, ForceDecks test data can be viewed and analysed in VALD Hub. 

Display metrics

Users can select up to 20 performance and asymmetry metrics to be displayed for each test type.
From the results settings users can:
  • Select and order the metrics to be displayed.
  • Set the default test type to be displayed.

Results data grid

The results data grid enables users to:
    • Simultaneously view up to 20 custom selected asymmetry and performance metrics for each jump type.
    • Easily compare results for single and multiple profiles, using a horizontal scroll.

  • Compare metrics for the following grouped test types: 
    • Countermovement Jump, Loaded Countermovement Jump and Abalakov Jump
    • Shoulder Isometric I,Y and T
    • Squat Jump and Loaded Squat Jump
    • Note: All other results are restricted to single test types

    • Filter the results displayed and select the calculations used to compare tests. 
    • Compare the Minimum [Min], Standard Deviation [Std Dev], Coefficient of Variation [CoV] and Average ± SD of different metrics, in addition to the existing maximum and average measure from ForceDecks. 
  • Force trace and result graphs

    From the interactive force trace and result graphs users can:

    • Compare each repetition in a force trace, using the click and drag function.

View a single test session and compare:

      • A profile over time
      • Multiple profiles for the same test session
      • Multiple profiles over time 
    • View additional test specific metrics, using the bar graph hover feature.

  • Print or pdf all displayed results, using the print function.