Managing ForceDecks Profiles

The following information will help you manage your profiles (athletes, patients and/or clients) for testing with ForceDecks.

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Create profiles

Before you can use ForceDecks, you must have at least one profile. 

To speed up the workflow, we recommend you create all profiles in VALD Hub prior to testing with ForceDecks.

Create profiles in VALD Hub

Edit profiles

Existing profiles can be edited in VALD Hub (provided you have permission to edit profiles).

ForceDecks features several tools for handling profiles and test records.

Search, Sort, Group and Filter in ForceDecks

Categories, Groups and Tags

Categories, Groups and Tags allow you to categorise your profiles and tests in order to differentiate them from one another.

Learn about Categories, Groups and Tags

Note: If you are working offline and need to bulk import profiles into ForceDecks, please contact for assistance.