Exporting ForceDecks Results

There are several ways to export data from ForceDecks, which are customisable to varying degrees. 

The different types of data exports available are:F

PDF Result Reports

PDF Result Reports are the most visual ForceDecks reports, and therefore commonly used for communicating with individuals (profiles) and between teams. 

PDF Result Reports essentially mirror the Results Dashboard and Results Table. Therefore the data displayed on those screens will flow into the PDF Result Report. 

This data includes:

  • Profile
  • Test Details
  • Main Results:
    • Performance result graphs
    • Asymmetry result graphs
  • Results Table

Results in the report can be customised by updating your Results Dashboard and Results Table.

Download an Example PDF Result Report

How to export PDF Reports

Excel Result Reports

Excel Results Reports contain much of the information as PDF Result Reports, however their format in Excel makes them suitable for importing into other systems and/or subsequent data interrogation.

An Excel Result Report can be generated for either:

  •        One test; or
  •        Multiple tests

Multiple tests, by multiple profiles can be selected for an Excel Result Report, provided they are all the same Test Type. 

The report essentially mirrors the Results Table and can be customised by updating your Results Table

Download an Example Excel Result Report.

How to export Excel Reports

Raw Data Reports (Excel)

Raw Data Reports contain only raw time-series data from a test, e.g. no results.  Therefore, these reports are typically only used by advanced users looking to perform their own analyses in Excel or other data analysis software (which is typically a time-consuming process). 

Raw Data Reports contain: 
  • Summary information 
  • Raw Time (s) data 
  • Left Force (N) data 
  • Right Force (N) data 

How to export Raw Data Reports

Custom Reports (Excel) and Export Profiles

Custom reports can be generated to export as many profile test results as you require. These reports are exported from the Tests page and enable Export Profiles to be created.

Export Profiles are a powerful feature of ForceDecks, allowing control over the following to be exported:
  • Result data;
  • Test types; and
  • Format.

Export Profiles are commonly used to create specific formats to easily import ForceDecks data into a third-party system, or where a user has a specific workflow and/or data format in mind. 

ForceDecks software allows you to create unlimited Export Profiles across all Test Types.