NordBord Assembly

When you receive your NordBord, some assembly will be required.  Shipping the NordBord disassembled significantly reduces its shipping costs for you, and will make it more transportable should you wish to take it on the road.

What's in the box?

NordBord Base Frame NordBord Legs NordBord Ankle Hooks
Mini-USB Cable Wall Adapter 2 x Hex Wrenches

Putting it all together...

Remove dangling bolts from NordBord legs.  
Leave the other bolts screwed in, but loosened.

Slot legs onto NordBord Base Unit. 
Take care and watch your fingers!!

ensure the “NordBord” logo
goes on the outside of the leg. 

Install 8 x bolts (4 per leg) to secure legs. 
Tighten them firmly with small Hex Wrench.

Screw Ankle Hooks into the sensor collars
in the NordBord Base Unit.  No need to
over-tighten them, as you may wish to
remove them at a later point.

ensure you screw the hooks
all the way down!