NordBord Safety and Care

While the NordBord is a simple, safe product, the following guidelines should be observed.  If you believe there to be an issue with your NordBord, please contact 

Electrical Care

The NordBord’s ankle hooks should never be pushed forcefully into the sides of the sockets from which they protrude.  Doing so can damage the NordBord’s precision sesnors.  For more information see this article.
Keep liquids away from the NordBord’s Control Module (the orange box containing the NordBord’s computer), including preventing dripping from above and splashing from below.
Keep liquids away from the base of the Sensor Modules (where the sensors are located), including preventing dripping from above and splashing from below.
Ensure the NordBord is not placed over or moved over any sharp objects, as they may damage the electronics module or sensor cables.
When being transported, ensure the Ankle Hooks are removed, and the NordBord is well padded, with no forces being exerted on the Sensor Modules or Control Module.

Physical Safety

The legs, ankle hooks and corners of the NordBord can potentially be tripping hazards.  Exercise caution when walking around the NordBord, and when approaching/leaving the NordBord for a test.
The NordBord is reasonably heavy (25kg / 55lb), so it must be moved carefully in transit.  It must be used and stored on a solid, flat surface when not being transported.
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