How to Upgrade from DashBord to VALD Hub

VALD Hub is the first step towards providing a unified athlete view for all VALD Performance systems. VALD Hub replaces DashBord as the centralised data storage and analytics platform. For additional information and an overview of the new features in VALD Hub, please read our dedicated Introduction to VALD Hub support page.

We strongly recommend you and all members of your organisation upgrade to VALD Hub, in order to enable new functionality and a better testing experience across all VALD Performance systems. 

Important: each member of your organisation needs to upgrade their account individually to gain access to VALD Hub. It is recommended that all users within the organisation complete this process at the same time. 

Accessing VALD Hub: 

In order to access VALD Hub, your account must first be activated. You should have received an email that will link you to a log in screen for VALD Hub (log in screen pictured below).

Note: If you did not receive or no longer have the email, you can still begin the upgrade process by resetting your password via this link.

You will then receive an email with a link to complete the password reset and log into your VALD Hub account.

Click on the black Begin upgrade to VALD Hub button. This will open a browser window and you will see a form (like the one below) prompting you to set your name and password.  This will activate your VALD Hub account. 
Note: Your password must be at least 8 characters and include a number, upper case letter, lower case letter and non-alphanumeric character (symbol).
You can now use your username and password to log in to VALD Hub here:

Once logged in, you'll be able to access all of your organisation's existing data and download new NordBord and ForceFrame apps for Windows and iOS (see below).
All members of your organisation must complete Steps 1 - 3 to upgrade their individual accounts.  

Downloading updated ForceFrame and NordBord apps from VALD Hub: 

The updated ForceFrame and NordBord apps can be downloaded from the Downloads tab of VALD Hub (see below). 

NordBord and ForceFrame apps are both available for Windows and iOS. Click on the download icons (highlighted below) to download the respective installers (Windows) or to download the apps from the App Store (iOS). 

For further information regarding installing the Windows and iOS applications, click here

Should you have any issues activating your VALD Hub account or installing the updated ForceFrame and NordBord apps, please contact directly.

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