Downloading and Installing the NordBord and ForceFrame Apps

Downloading the NordBord and ForceFrame apps: 

The ForceFrame and NordBord installers can be downloaded from the Downloads tab of VALD Hub, in the menu on the left hand side. 

Both apps are available for Windows and iOS. Click on the download icons to download the respective installers. 

Installing the NordBord and ForceFrame Windows apps: 

Open the Windows Installer Package downloaded from the link above. If your computer notifies you that the app has been blocked, click on 'More Info', then 'Run Anyway'. 

Follow the prompts of the set up wizard to complete the installation process. 

Installing the NordBord and ForceFrame iOS apps: 

By clicking the iOS download links in VALD Hub, you will be taken to the App Store to install the respective apps directly onto your device. 

Should any issues arise throughout the installation process, please contact directly. 

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