Run a SmartJump Drill

First time SmartJump users are encouraged to follow the SmartJump Quick Start Guide before running a drill.

To run a SmartJump Drill:

  1. Log in to Smartspeed app
  2. Click Start Session
  3. Confirm Bluetooth is on and your device is connected to the command unit. Click flash button to check the connection. The command unit will beep to confirm a connection.
  4. Select Drill: Jumping
  5. Select My Drill: Standard (unless using a custom drill created in SmartSpeed Online) 
  6. Select Team
  7. Select Mode: Automatic (default), Manual or RFID
  8. Confirm Re-arm. 500ms (default) The time it takes for jump mat to reset.
  9. Note: Lowering the re-arm time will reset the jump mat quicker following each jump. This is useful for drills that involve repetitive jumps in succession.
  10. Name your session
  11. Note: A session name can be useful when differentiating between the type of jumps performed in the drill. For example: right leg jump, left leg jump, squat jump, and countermovement jump.
  12. Select Ready
  13. Select User Options If the athlete is starting from a drop height, the height can be input here.
  14. Run through the drill as configured